I am currently studying data structures, and because of its popularity in coding challanges I’m going to start with the binary search tree. It is a data structure designed with nodes. Each node has a maximum of 2 children (or leaves) hence the word binary.

This week I am going to explain my solution the the palindrome number problem. A palindrome is a number that read the same forwards and it does backwards, for example 121 is a palindrome number. In this problem we are given a number and we are tasked with writing a function that returns true for palindrome numbers and false for numbers that are not palindromes. So.. lets get into the solution..

I have heard about this interview question many times, so this week I decided to take it on. Here is a description of the problem at hand…

Given an array of integers, every element appears twice except for one. Find that single one.

This seems like a very simple problem, but in reality javascript doesn’t have a built in uniq method so it gets pretty complicated.